Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Wore Today (The Designer Edition)

What I Wore Today (The Designer Edition)

This is a higher - end version of the outfit I wore to school today (pictured below).
 My outfit consists mostly of items from Target. You do not have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.                      
                                                                       STYLE FOR LESS!!!!

                                                                 I hope you enjoy it!!!
                                                               Until next time, XOXO

Monday, September 29, 2014

Closet Confidential Tag

As a frequent YouTube viewer, I stumbled across plenty of tag videos that helps the viewers learn more about the person they are watching. To help you learn more about me I'm decided to do the closet confidential tag going around fashion vlogger on YouTube. It consist of 8 questions, its a little sneak peek inside of my closet.

                                                                                         Let's begin!!!

1.What is the oldest item in your closet? Boots of course !!!. I have a hard time parting ways with  boots no more how they look. The brown suede platforms are Steven, a higher brand from Steve Madden, I think I brought them DSW when I was in high school. I don't think I could walk in them in those days but i tried lol. I wish social media was as big as it is now so I could have photo evidence. The black over the knee boots are Abaete for  Payless. I love designer collaborations with affordable fashion brands.  I had them for at least 8 years now. I don't wear them as often but I still love them.

2 What is the newest item? This off white wrap skirt is from Target Labworks collection. I plan to pair it with an off white sweater and black over the knee boots for the colder months.

3.What is the most expensive item? I'm not the type of person who spends loads of money on one item, I prefer to buy a few things for one price. But if I had to pick an item it would have to be would be my faux fur vests from Banana Republic.

4.What's the biggest bang for you buck? My floppy hat from American apparel, it costed $45.  I wear it all the time with anything. My perfect disguise piece!!!

5 What was your biggest bargain? Jeans from thrift stores  that I make into high waisted shorts. Thrift stores are  usually stocked with vintage jeans at a low price. Also my boyfriend tees from Target, I buy in a few size up for a more relaxed look. I like buying basics in multiple of colors because I know I'm gonna wear it on many occasions.

6.What's an item in your closet that everyone hates but you love? My birkenstocks are from Target. They are closely similar to the pool slides by Giambattista Valli for a fraction of the price. Most people just don't understand this trend but they are very comfortable and I love the gold studded along the sole.

7.What was the biggest waste of money? Nothing is a waste of money I eventually will wear an item at least once. I do not regret any purchases,  I only buy things that I'm totally in love with.

8.(Bonus) Show us your favorite items right now.
First this amazing sequin skirt, it makes me feel like a mermaid when I put it on. It has a matching top but I prefer to wear each piece separately. Secondly my black and brown mules I will wear them into Fall by adding socks to cover my toes. And lastly my striped midi dress, stripes are my favorite print , you can wear it with anything.

I hoped you enjoyed my closet little secrets !!
Until next time, XOXO

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New in my Closet

My new shoes for the new season!!! These are the most pumps I ever owned  in my lifetime, I was in desperate in need of pumps.  I tend to only shop for boots, flats or sandals. I recently take the plunge and signed up for Shoedazzle, a shoe lovers dream. Its a monthly subscription for shoes and bags that allow you to shop a showroom of shoes that reflects your personal style and wants. You are also allowed to skip a month if its not in your budget but really how could pass it up.
My first buy was a pair of Steve Madden ankle strap sandals with a mid-heel (pictured to the left). Every month I definitely plan on stocking up on pumps as well as boots. Before the fall season started, I started my shoe binge at Target, where I found classic pumps at a great price. A woman can never have too many shoes!!!

Here are the shoes currently in my closet and
a few from Shoedazzle I have my eye on.

From Left to Right 1. Burgundy chunky heel pumps 2. Leopard Print chunky heel pumps
3. Burgundy mid heel pumps 4. Black mid heel pumps


Until next time, XOXO

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Caped Crusader

Caped Crusader

Vero Moda white crop top
$32 -

Ted Baker wool coat

TIBI leather skirt

Nly Shoes high heel boots
$54 -

On this Thursday  afternoon this is the only outfit I want to wear on this rainy day in NYC. Enjoy the rest of your day!!. Thank God the weekend is almost here.

Until next time, XOXO

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wild Hair Wednesdays

I think I was in middle school when I got my first perm. Unfortunately after one incident  the perm  damaged my hair and some of  my hair fell out . I started to wear my hair in box braids until my sophomore year of high school to help my hair grow back . I remember asking my mom if I can get another perm. She agreed. I regretted that decision later in life.  I  thought perms would make my hair manageable and easier to style but unknowingly I was  damaging it. After years of having relaxed hair from high school to college, I  decided to go natural. To transition from relaxed to natural hair, I started to use protective styling  such as box braids and wigs. I've been natural for over two years now and I am loving it. My hair is much healthier and fuller then ever before. My hair has definitely reverted back to when I was a little girl and my mom used to do my thick hair in afro puffs. 
Here are a few pictures of me during my transition from relaxed to natural as well as other women with beautiful natural hair.

Relaxed Hair


Box braids

Natural Hair Selfie

Some of my Natural Hair Inspiration

Julia Sarr Jamois (photo source)
Natural Updo (photo source)


Fro (photo source)


                                                                                    Until next time, XOXO