Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Camo Fever

Good Evening, Everyone!!!. 
This is what I wore today. It is a very messy day in NYC, we are currently being hit with a Northeaster so you know what that means snows is quickly approaching.  Which isn't foreign because I remember that it snowed almost every day last December.  Its another day for me that  I was not able to wear what I planned so I choose function over fashion.

I choose this camouflage men's sweater, THAT'S RIGHT  I said MEN'S that I brought last Winter from Target. It is the perfect medium weight sweater to wear on a December day.  I purchased the sweater in the size small so it won't overpower my frame and it fits me perfectly.  Who says you can't wear clothes from the Men's department?!!. The key to wearing men's clothes depends on the fit. I would stay away from tailored items such as the classic white shirt however sweaters and t-shirts are easy to wear on a women's body and can be worn fitted or oversized without looking unkempt.

To jazz it up, I added a pair of faux leather leggings that I brought from H&M a few years ago when I went through a phase of wearing only black leggings. The leather look adds a little glam to your basic leggings. I decided to go against wearing any boots with heels because I did not want to fight with keeping my balance and wrestling with an umbrella.  So I picked a pair of wedge sneakers that resembles the infamous  Isabel Marant wedge sneakers that I brought from Target as well. I accessorized with a long gold necklace, rings  and a black handbag.
For additional warmth. I added my puffy coat and bright purple cowl that my mom made for me.
Today is definitely not a good hair day so I choose to wear a wig as well to protect my hair against the elements. Do you like it ?, it was great for today.

Camouflage sweater: Target
Leggings: H&M
Sneakers: Target
Necklace and Rings: Street Vendor
Coat: Target
Lipstick: Avon
Bag:Forever 21

I hope you are having an amazing day!!

Until next  time, XOXO

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