Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tag Tuesdays

We are literally two weeks away from January coming to a complete end. Recently I saw a tag on Youtube called " About a Year Ago", it is quick recap of my life in 2014 and what's to come in the year 2015.
Let's begin...

1. Biggest Accomplishment of 2014
This past semester I got A's & B's in my most difficult classes ever. I am so proud of myself. Last semester, I didn't do too well in my pre-calculus class, I failed miserably. As far back I can remember, math was never my strongest subject so I wasn't surprised when I got a big F. However this semester, I got a B+, that is my biggest improvement.
2. Best Memory of 2014
Red Lobster Date. I do not go often so every time is more memorable then the last time. It was second time ever!!!! :-D
3. Biggest Obstacle of 2014
Allowing myself to open up to people I do not know personally. I can be very quite at times which can be misread by strangers. But I hope my blog would help to open me up to you guys. People that I are closer to me could testify that I do not express my feelings, I usually internalize it because I do not want to bother people with my problems. I will be turning 27 in about a month so I hope that changes in the year 2015.
4. Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products of 2014 *Updated*
  • Blissful brown by Maybelline. It was my life- saver on schools days because I didn't want to worry about reapplying throughout the day.
  • Sonia Kashuk hand crème in Pink Innocencia. I carry it in my bag everyday.
  • Wet n Wild eye shadow palette in Comfort Zone
  • Wet n Wild eye shadow palette in The Naked Truth. I love neutral eye shadows and these palette also come with instructions of where to apply.
  • Sonia Kashuk kabuki brush. I used it to apply my mineralized skinfinish powder.
5. Bloopers of 2014 (N/A)
6. Favorite Mainstream Youtuber Blogger of 2014
Sincerely Jules. I have pinned many of her looks on Pinterest that I plan on recreating  myself. She inspires me to wear items in my closet in different ways.
7. Favorite Non-Mainstream Youtuber Blogger of 2014
Amourveroo I love her blogging style it is so simple and chic and I adore her big curly hair.
8. Regrets in 2014
I do not have any regrets, because what is meant to be will be. I have no control of my future holds but I do know God will direct me down the right path. I just enjoying this ride called my life even with the ups and downs.
9. Most Memorable Phrases of 2014
"Stay With It" which I got from Tamar Braxton on Braxton Family Values reality show. She is my favorite Braxton sister and I'm not being bias because she is a Pisces, I swear ;-).
10. Most Embarrassing Moment of 2014
One day I decided to wear a new pairs of shoes to school and as I was walking I stumbled and almost lost a shoe because I was not used to them yet. I do not think anyone saw me THANK GOD!!!.
11. Lessons Learned in 2014
Keep people in your life that show you they want to be in it and cherish them until the end of time.
I learned that my school journey will not be easy but I know I can do it with the help of the people who love me.
12. Goals for 2015
I want to look into some fashion internships. 
My main goal is to grow as a person.
I would love to travel more this year somewhere abroad.  My last destination was a few years ago to Miami.
13. What I'm Looking Forward to in 2015
 I am looking forward to turning 27, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I would rather get older and learn than to die young.

Until next time, XOXO

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