Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tag Tuesdays

Hello, Everyone!! I  know I am not an vlogger but I am a new blogger and I want my readers to get to know me outside of the usual fashion blogpost. I watch a variety of vloggers on YouTube who focus on everything from fashion to show reviews.  I found a tag on YouTube called the TMI Tag that was featured on 4itsrox YouTube channel. 
It's a long tag that consist of 50 questions, so here goes!!!

1: What are you wearing? Today is a very cold day in NYC so I had to layer my clothes for the Winter-like temperatures.  I really wanted to my white wrap skirt from Target so  I choose 2 pairs of tight and a pair of leggings to wear underneath the skirt. I'm also wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath my off white sweater which is topped off with a silver double strand necklace from Banana Republic. I finished my look with silver bangles and over the knee boots from Zara that I brought at Beacons closet, a thrift shop in Williamsburg. Lastly I'm wearing my favorite lipstick for the Fall which is Va-Va Violet by Revlon.
2: Ever been in love? Yes
3: Ever had a terrible breakup?  Yes, I was in high school and we was together off and on for 3 years  But the last time I broke up with him. One thing I learned from that relationship is never go back to the person who hurt you so badly.
4: How tall are you? 5 feet and 2 inches
5: How much do you weigh? I fluctuate between 145- and 150. I need to weigh myself ASAP!!
6: Any tattoos? No, but I would love full arm tattoos.
7: Any piercings? Only my ears are pierced but I rarely wear earrings. I like to wear statement necklaces or bangles instead.
8: OTP? ( One True Pairing) Although they are fictional characters I  would have to pick Martin and Gina from the Martin show,  I love the relationship they have.
9: Favorite show? Martin and Law and Order( all three series but especially SVU)
10: Favorite bands?  I miss the boy bands from the  late 80's to the early 2000's  which include Bell Biv  Devoe, New Edition, N'Sync, B2K, and Boyz to Men.
11: Something you miss? I miss high school because I didn't have any responsibilities. Being an adult sucks lol.
12: Favorite song? My favorite song at the moment is  La Di Da Di by Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick. I listen to it everyday on my way to school.
 My favorite verse is:
La Di Da Di, we like to party. 
We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody.
We're just some men that's on the mic.
And when we rock upon the mic, we rock the mic, right.
For all a y'all, keepin' y'all in health
Just to see ya smile and enjoy ya'self
'Cause it's cool when you cause a cozy conditioning
That we create, so that's our mission.
13: How old are you? I'm 26 years old and I turn 27 in three months. I'm getting so old !!!
14: Zodiac sign? Pisces 
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Honesty, Faithfulness, Trustworthy
16: Favorite Quote? " Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important & you'll capture it perfectly".
17: Favorite actor? Al Pacino !! I fell in love with him the very first time I watched one of his classics, Scarface
18: Favorite color? Black, black and more black.
19: Loud music or soft? I generally listen to loud music when I'm studying or doing homework. And as a New Yorker, I definitely listen to loud music during my daily commute, ITS A MUST!!!
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? I usually stay in my house and shut out the outside world by drowning myself with music. It makes me feel better.
21: How long does it take you to shower? It usually takes me 15-20 Minutes but if I have to other things like wash my hair or shave at least 30 minutes.  
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I give myself two hours to get ready and leave my house because I live so far. 
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Yeah in elementary school but I do not remember why.
24: Turn on? A guy who can cook and make me laugh. If you can feed me good, I'm all yours.
25: Turn off? Loud obnoxious people 
26: The reason I joined Youtube   Blogger?   It all begin with instagram when I started to feature my outfit of the days but obviously you have limited space on that social platform  so I thought a blog will best fit my fashion ideas and  my style. I love reading fashion blogs so I thought I could do it too.
27: Fears? I'm scared of dying before I'm able to accomplish any of my life goals. ex, a career that I love, marriage/ creating my own family and traveling. On a lighter note I'm afraid of bugs they freak me out, maybe I should become an exterminator instead (just kidding I'll lose m mind)
28: Last thing that made you cry? I've been waiting a long time to meet the requirements to take a test to enter the nursing problem. But unexpectedly I was not able to register to take the test this semester, I have to wait another year.
29: Last time you said you loved someone? The last person was my father, he lives in Florida now 
30: Meaning behind your YouTube Blogger Name? It is a song by Prince called Darling Nikki.
31: Last book you read? 50 shades of Grey however I did not finish the trilogy
32: The book you’re currently reading? I'm currently reading " How Europe Undeveloped Africa" by Walter Rodney for my history class.
33: Last show you watched?  Revenge
34: Last person you talked to?  Ms Jackson
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted ? Mother
36: Favorite food? I can't choose just one (Sushi Chinese and Mexican
37: Place you want to visit? Paris, it's the other fashion capital of the world 
38: Last place you were? At least three years ago I went to Miami 
39: Do you have a crush? Yes
40: Last time you kissed someone? A few days ago
41: Last time you were insulted? I can't remember a time when I was personally insulted but living in NYC you are bound to encounter some rude people throughout the day.
42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Chocolate ( ex. Hershey, Snickers )
43: What instruments do you play? The last instrument I played was in the fifth grade and it was the clarinet.
44: Favorite piece of jewelry? My silver choker necklace from H&M I brought  a few years ago
45: Last sport you played? I do not play any sports, shopping is my sport!!
46: Last song you sang? All About the Benjamins Remix by Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G, Lil Kim and The Lox. A 90's classic 
47: Favorite chat up line? I do not know any chat lines
48: Have you ever used it? N/A
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? A few days ago
50: Who should answer these questions next? Any of my lovely followers on bloglovin. 
Message me if you decide to do it 

I hope you are having a great week so far !!!

Until next time,XOXO 

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