Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Schutz Dupe

Hello, Everyone!!!.
As we all know, major designers set the trends of the fast fashion stores. Some trends catch on quicker than other, case in point the Juliana by Schutz although it is not a very expensive shoe, many retailers have duped these amazing shoes. When I saw these sandals at Target I immediately thought about the Juliana's, they are the perfect heels to wear at a summer wedding. For the wedding I paired these heels with a hybrid navy dress that showcases two current trends of the moment, the off the shoulder and one shoulder, it was the perfect match.

........more views of the shoes


Here are a few fashion bloggers who rocked the original Juliana

Top (L-R): Awed by MonicaMy White T, Kyrzayda
Bottom (L-R): Atlantic Pacific, Olivia Pierson, A Love Affair with Fashion

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